John Bolander Gold Mounted Violin Bow

John Bolander Gold Mounted Violin Bow


John Alfred (II) Bolander

(c. 1892 - 1974)

By: John Dilworth BOLANDER, John Alfred (II) Born 1893 Chicago, Illinois, died 1990 Almeda, California USA. Son and successor of John Bolander (I), above. Active from 1915 in San Francisco, spent many years repairing band instruments, moving to San Jose in 1931. Learnt bow making with Alfred Lanini 1943-1946 and joined him in establishing a business from 1946. Finally moved to Santa Cruz 1978. Author of two titles: Bow Making: 1000 Bows and a Tribute and Violin Bow Making (1969). Early bows have hatchet-head. Frogs generally made from mountain mahogany. Over 3,000 made. Branded: BOLANDER

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