D. Nicolas Aine France

D. Nicolas Aine France

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French violin mid 18th Century.   Large pattern Strad model by the workshop of D. Nicolas.    Beautiful violin with lovely back and warm tone.   Fully restored and ready to play, this excellent French instrument has lots of quality and personality.

The instruments of this maker are chiefly of large size, the outline being after that of Stradivari. They are mostly stamped on the back, inside, " A la ville de Cremonne, D. Nicolas Aine." Colour, yellow; tone very powerful. 

Maker Bio:   Nicolas Didier L'Aine France  b. 1757, Mirecourt; d. there, 1833. His business was carried on at the sign of " A la ville de Cremone." He was a clever workman, and made large quantities of instruments.



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