Tulsa Strings has a large show room with fine new & antique violins.  Each is set-up and adjusted in the shop by a trained luthier.   

Below is a brief list of some of the violins currently at Tulsa Strings.     

Many of the fine instruments are available for a one week trial.     

We purchase instruments and trade-ins are always welcome.    

We offer an 80% trade-in value on all of our instruments should an increase in size and/or quality be desired.

**** Click on the  image for photos from violins in our stock ****

Outfits are instruments that include a case, an Eastman K. Holtz fiber-glass bow with quality horse hair, and rosin. Wood bow upgrades are available for $20+, and cases can be upgraded for just the difference in price.

Violins Outfits   $375 and up

Violins $500-1000


  • Scott Cao Model 017E Strad Copy- 4/4              *****Teacher's are impressed with these!*****
  • Strad Copy - Light amber yellow varnish with well flamed back .  China  
  • Great Wall Violins.   Model 1500     Beautifully antiqued instruments with a handsome look and tone.
  • Scott Cao model 500.     4/4 only.
  • Romanian Made KR30 made violins with oil varnish.         
  • Anton Schroetter, Germany 1950
  • Johannes Kohr K515
  • Amati's Fine Violins model 125
  • Eastman model 205 - Reddish clear varnish over nice tonewoods.      
  • Howard Core K500        -Beautiful tonewoods with a thin transparent burgundy varnish.   Great volume.
  • Guarneri Model  $850 -Master Series - great wood selection.              
  • Eastman Model 305                College level violins rated by Strings Magazine
  • Ivan Dunov Model 401 Violin  -Step up violin from Romania, better tonewoods and antiqued varnish.
  • JTL French Violin - Mirecourt France 1900s
  • Stainer Copy .  Dark brown spirit varnish over select tonewoods.   The maple used is tightly flamed.  
  • Universal Music  -Kraemer Model Guarneri          
  • Violins  $1000-$2000

  • SOLD Jacob Mehlhouse -Hofner made body, regraduated w/ spirit varnish       
  • SOLD Norman Cleveland "Soloist" 2002
  • Ivan Dunov Model 402 Superior  Hand made from select European wood in Romania.        
  • Eastman Model 405
  • Eastman Model 605             Guarneri Model              Strad Model
  • Scott Cao Model 750E Strad Copy                   
  • Scott Cao Model 750E Cannon Guarneri Copy
  • Calin Wultur #7 Guarneri
  • Eastman Model 502 Pietro Lombardi.            
  • German circa 1900 E. Martin Saschen   Trade Model
  • Unlabelled Mittenwald German Violin
  • Antiqued Trade Copy China
  • Lyon & Healy 1917
  • German Trade Copy circa 1940
  • 1900 Trade Copy Germany
  • Mittenwald Violin circa 1920
  • German Master made Trade model

  • Violins $2000-$4000
  • Antiqued Trade Copy c. 1930    German violin
  • Anton Schroetter Mittenwald.   
  • Rudoulf Doetsch -German made violin with antiqued varnish, dark tone, nice volume
  • Wilhelm Klier -German made violin-        
  • Trade Copy c. 1920  -Red varnish, two piece back  
  • Trade Copy  c. 1910  -German made violin, light brown 
  • Eastman Model 905   Master Made Series - Select wood.           
  • Neuner Shop Violin Regraduated with new bass bar by J. Mehlhouse
  • Josephus Bosio 2012  China
  • William Rohde Violin    
  • German Stad  
  • German Stainer c. 1880      
  • Jay Haide
  • Howard Core Select Guarneri Model
  • Ysaye Guarneri Master Copy 2011  China
  • Franz Bruckner
  • Ming Jiang Zhu Guarneri and Trade Models 2014  China
  • Frederick Wyss Violin     
  • Raul Emiliani  Violin
  • Hornsteiner Shop - Stainer Copy c. 1850 - Germany
  • Early 19th Century Violin -German    
  • Violins $4000+
  • German Maggini Model    -master level violin with excellent wood   Circa 1900
  • Jacob Hornsteiner  1927   -Great condition violin from the Roth Shop at their best
  • Johnathan Lui  - Master maker from China
  • Wajek   -Modern Polish maker.   Professional level instrument. 2014
  • SOLD  Lud. Heberlein Marknenkirchen * no. 803 Style I anno 1927  -        
  • Ming Jiang Zhu - Amazing tone and workmanship.   We have two of these in European tonewood.   
  • SOLD E.H. Roth, 1700 Model, Germany 1957
  • SOLD 1926 Robert Glier, Jr.   Special Model  Cincinnati, OH 1926
  • American made violin with inlaid maple back
  • German 1810
  • 1930's American Maker
  • SOLD  J. Frederick Muller  -"Fawick" 1955 produced by the Hilaire Shop in France.   French master made instrument using N. America tonewoods specially treated and then sent to France.    Mint condition, with great bird's eye back.   

    Violins $6000+

  • German Stainer Model Circa 1790  
  • Unlabelled American Maker -excellent detail, and wood selection.
  • Charles Farley    -Boston maker 1907
  • SOLD George Chanot Copy c. 1900 Czech
  • 1925 Gustav August Ficker  Trade Model
  • Vuillaume Shop Violin
  • Neuner & Hornsteiner Maggini model.   
  • Violins $8000+

  • Robert Glier
  • SOLD 1926 Eugen Meinel copy of Antonius Tradeivarius 1718.   Mint condition Roth shop violin, branded and labeled
  • German Nuener workshop "King George" Guarneri Copy   c. 1920
  • 1840s Mittenwarld long pattern violin.   Repaired and rebuilt by Gemunder & Sons 1892
  • Robert Glier  -Beautiful one piece back
  • 1803 Johann Glass
  • 19th Century German, circa 1820
  • Violins $10,000+

    -James Carlilse   -Exceptional Guarneri copy from a skilled American maker.   Near perfect condition.

    -Labeled Postiglione 1920s - Handmade early 20th Century master made violin.   Excellent depth and nuance in each range.   

    -Violin attributed to Geissenof circa 1790  -Beautiful workmanship with warm depth and lots of character.   

    -1790's Paris -Chappuy   -Rare example of this period in excellent condition with a deep and powerful tone.

    -SOLD Gaspard Tuiffenpruggar copy from the Vuillaume Shop -  Very rare, and completely restored, this violin is a great playing instrument.   The carvings and inlays and paintings are the work of an artist and master craftsman.  

    We always have a large selection that is undergoing restoration, check back for new listings.   918-794-8440 or email


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