Tulsa Strings is renowned for expert repair & restoration.   We provide all the necessary services for string players including set-ups & adjustments for violin, viola, cello, and bass, bow rehairs & repairs.   We are the choice for teachers, students, and professional players both regionally and nationally.  All of our repair work is guaranteed.   We offer free adjustments and checkups as part of our warranty on instruments and bows we sell. Our instrument repairs are done with accuracy and care using traditional repair methods to achieve the optimum tonal response and structural health for your instrument.    

Luthier is a fine art, combining traditions that span centuries and continents.   Many of our instruments share much of that history, and often bare scars of  wear, and un-trained repairmen.   Our goal is to provide strings players with high quality work on their instruments using  traditional repair techniques while preserving them for future generations.


Jacob Mehlhouse  - Certified Luthier -over 20 years experience    

 Degree in Violin Repair from Red Wing, MN  Minnesota State Southeast Technical College with Lisbeth Nelson Butler at the Red Wing Violin Repair School.    Click here for a link.  

I studied violin repair from Lisbeth Nelson Butler in Red Wing, Minnesota after working several years for a violin shop during high school in Iowa.    After finishing my studies at Red Wing in 2000 I moved to Tulsa  to be the shop foreman and trained repairman for the Tulsa Violin Shop.    

My training continued with different shops and repairman including Amos Hargrave,  Horacio Piniero, and most importantly the players.  After almost 5  years working for Tulsa Violin Shop I started my own to offer a better selection of affordably priced quality  instruments all setup and adjusted by a trained luthier.  

Tulsa Strings was opened in 2008 in Midtown Tulsa.  Repair and restoration are the most important part of my business.   I am trained and experienced in all repairs and restorations for the violin family instruments and bows.  Contact me, or visit if you have an instrument needing repair or simply want it checked over.  Free estimates for work are provided with a visit to the shop.   

Cat Autrey   -Certified Luthier - Red Wing Violin Repair Graduate

Cat is a graduate of Red Wing Violin Repair School, class of 2016 that studied under Lisbeth Nelson Bulter in Red Wing, Minnesota.  She is a Tulsa native and Union High School graduate.  

Since beginning at Tulsa Strings in 2016  Cat has providing her expertice with instrument and bow repair, setups, and instrument making.  Cat has a passion for the history and art of luthiery.   Attention to detail and meticulious accuracy make her an invaluable part of the Tulsa Strings workshop.     Cat also plays with the local community orchestra on violin.    

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Identification and Evaluation


-I offer free verbal appraisals, and written upon request ($40)

-Certificates of authenticity and identification can be arranged.




My shop has a large selection of modern and antique instruments for most every player's budget and taste.  

We carry instruments by Jay Haide, Eastman, Howard Core, Samuel Shen, Scott Cao, Sonatina, Arcos Brasil, Hofner, Ming Jiang Zhu, Callegari, Paesold, Wultur, and many other companies and makers.

You are welcome to take fine instruments and bows ($1000+) on trial for a week after completing a trial agreement.  

80% of original purchase price is allowed towards future upgrades in size or quality for all instruments  purchased from Tulsa Strings by the original owner.   

We purchase instruments and consignment options are also available.   

For any market I can find you an instrument to suite your needs.  

Visit the INSTRUMENTS section to see a few of the violins now available.