Bow Rehairs & Repairs


High Quality Siberian Hair -violin $50  -cello $60  -bass $80

Top Level Grade Mongolian Hair -violin $60  -cello $80 -bass $100

White Bass Bow Specialty Hair  -bass $90  cello-$70

I also carry other types of hair for many specific needs, and specialized  selection for cello and bass.   

~Other Bow Work

~Reptile/Leather Thumb Grip for bows $30+
~Nickel Silver Wrap with leather  $80

~Sterling Silver Wire Wrap w/ leather or reptile $120+

~Bone Tip Plate Replacement $100+

~Ivory/Mastadon/Sterling Tip Plate Replacement $150+

~Recambring  $40-100

~New Slide, pearl on Ebony  $40-100

~Replace eyelet   $20 vln-vla   $30 cello  $40 bass